5 Ways to Save Money Everyday!

How to save money

How to save money

We are all looking for ways to save money.  You might be trying to save up for a home, for college, for a nice vacation, or investing for your retirement.  We are always looking for new ways to help us make the most of our money.  That is why I have written this post today.  Below you will find a list of 5 tips for saving more money everyday!  These tips have helped my family save some money, and I hope they do the same for your family:)

1. Eat From Home

Now if you are like me and like to eat out, I am not saying to never eat out again.  What you can do is make sure you are eating the majority of your meals at home.  This will save you a lot of money!  The key to eating from home is making sure you have the food you need and make a meal plan.  I cannot tell you how often I used to wait until the last minute to decide what to have for dinner.  This leads normally to a trip to Chipotle because I cannot think of anything to make quickly.  Now I normally plan out our meals and make sure to get all the materials (or at least most of it) when I make my weekly trip to the grocery store.


Great cookbook for Gluten-free households:)

Another great way to make eating from home easier is by buying your food in bulk at a store like Costco or Sam’s Club Then you can create a lot of meals at once and freeze them.  Jess has created a beautiful post on how to do this!

2. Get Rid of Cable

I know this might come to a shock to many of you that I have even suggested this, but hear me out before you completely rule this tip out.  There are so many current alternatives to cable that costs a lot less!  The three I use are netflix, hulu plus, and amazon prime.  Between the three of these channels I have most of my shows I used to watch covered, plus I have an endless list of new tv shows that I can start watching whenever I want.  Netflix is around 7.99/month and huluplus is around the same price as that.  Amazon prime membership is $79 per year, but you also get free shipping on amazon prime purchases.  For me, it is worth it just because of that feature!

There are also some great devices that you can add all your accounts to and stream the shows on your tv so you don’t have to be stuck watching on your computer.  I currently own an Apple TV and love it even though it doesn’t stream amazon prime yet.  There is also the Roku and Google Chromecast as well.  The Google Chromecast costs the least at around $35 while the Roku and Apple TV are around $99.  Look on Amazon or other places on the internet to find the one that will be the best fit for you.

how to save money

Save Money with This Apple TV!

3. Use Natural Cleaners

When you go to the store to buy cleaners, they are always so expensive!  There are some quick, easy, and cheap ways to clean using natural cleaners.  One of the most common ones is using a half and half mixture with white vinegar and water. I know the vinegar has a distinct smell, but you can add some essential oils to it in order to help mask the smell.  Another great way to clean naturally and to save money is use baking soda.  There are so many ways to use baking soda for cleaning.  It can be used to clean toilets, glass shower doors, drains, faucets, and much more!  Not only will you be using less chemicals, but you will also save money!

Save money

Clean Naturally to Save Even More Money!

4. Get Rid of Your Memberships You Aren’t Using or Don’t Need

I know I talked about joining netflix, hulu plus, and amazon prime in number 2 of the “Ways to Save Money” list, but those memberships helped you cut a bigger expense (cable).  What I mean here is get rid of the memberships that you are not using or that you don’t necessarily need.  We all have signed up for an automated service to help better our lives, but do we actually use them?  If you are a member of a gym that you don’t go to, then I suggest getting rid of that membership right away.  I love fitness and working out, but if you aren’t using it now, no matter how good your intentions might be, you are wasting money.  There are so many other ways to workout that don’t require a gym membership or any money at all.  I would suggest that if you are a member at a gym, you should figure out if you really need it to workout.  I used to be a member at a gym, but after paying month after month I realized I was just giving that money away.  Most of the stuff I did at the gym I could do outside or in my own home.

Really analyze your subscriptions/memberships and cut where you can.  Your bank account will thank you later!

5. Use Coupons or Shop at Aldi

I know many of us have read about using coupons before, but it is a great reminder for saving money.  If you don’t like to coupon or don’t have the time, then shopping at discount grocery stores works well.  My favorite place to shop is Aldi!  You don’t need coupons there because everything is already so cheap.  At first I was hesitant because I like to buy healthy foods, but they actually have a lot of organic and healthy items as well.  If you haven’t shopped there yet, please make sure you at least give it a shot before dismissing it altogether.  I was shocked the first time I rang out!  The amount of money I spent vs. the amount of food I bought was outstanding!  There food is really good as well.  If you coupon or start shopping at places like Aldi, you will find that your monthly budget for food will slowly get smaller and smaller.  This gives us more money to invest, pay off our home, save for our children’s college, or just do some fun activities as a family.

Whether it be shopping at discount grocery stores, cutting back on your memberships, using natural cleaning supplies, or getting rid of cable there are always ways to save money.  I hope these ideas help get you started.

Here’s to saving money!


What are some others ways you save money?



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  1. Kate says:

    I love saving money! This goes along with reducing eating out, but I make a point to make my own coffee instead of buying it out at Starbucks or even McDonald’s. You can even invest in a few fancy syrups, drizzles, etc if you like your coffee dressed up, and you will still save money after just a few coffees!

    My husband and I are also part of the Choice Rewards program where you can earn free hotel stays after so many hotel visits. Lots of the most common hotels participate in this program (or other similar ones) so it’s pretty easy to add up your hotel visits throughout the year, even if you only travel to weddings or the occasional weekend trip.

    Any thoughts for those of us who don’t have Aldi?

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