Amazing Finance Help That Everyone Should Have!

Save money

Save Money

There are so many ways to spend money.  Since there are an abundance of goods and services that we could spend money on, a lot of people are in need of some financial assistance.  It is so easy to spend the money you make each week and then some.  This leaves people owing more money each week than they bring in.  This is what we need to try to avoid.  I know it is not the “cool” thing to save money and not to buy the items we really want until we have saved up for them.  It is well worth it though if you decide to start living this way.

I am the typical “spender” in the relationship between my husband and I.  It is so difficult for me to save money and easy for me to find ways to spend it.  I try to justify every purchase regardless of if it is needed or not.  I am just very blessed with a mother and father that have taught me in recent years how to save money and why it is important to save.

In college, I would go on spending trips to Target and Kohl’s and spend money on clothes I just did not need.  It actually got so bad that I would find myself craving shopping just to shop.  It started to become therapeutic.  I don’t think this is bad, but we just have to make sure you check ourselves when going to buy an item.  Do I really need a new pair of jeans or just like the way this pair looks?  I still shop when I am feeling stressed, but I am so much better at controlling what I am purchasing.  I am still not perfect and will buy some “pretty” things sometimes that aren’t needed;)

My main turning point… my “aha” moment came while reading the book, Financial Peace Revisited, by Dave Ramsey.  He does a great job at not only providing great ways to save money, but also giving a great perspective of why you should care about how your money is spent.  I do not have kiddos yet, but I know when I do it will be even easier for me to spend money.  I think my husband is dreading this day!  I now have the knowledge that I didn’t before since reading this book.  I will be better able to manage the money we make and make our money work for us.

If you have never read any of the Dave Ramsey books, I would highly recommend reading one.  It not only helped me, but it has also helped a lot of my family and friends as well.  It is amazing to me how I have tons of conversations with people about these books.  If you are like me and have a spending problem or if you know of someone who likes to spend money, then these are a great tool to use.

I am still not perfect when it comes to money, but I can truly say that after reading Dave Ramsey’s book and really trying to incorporate it into my life, I am happier.  I don’t have all the “shiny” things that most people have, but as Dave Ramsey says it, “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else later.”  If you focus on saving money, investing, and planning for retirement now, then you will be able to live like no one else later and not have the worries/struggles that most people will have around that time in life.  Not only that, but since financial problems are the number one reason for divorce, it will help your marriage as well.  It is a win-win situation!  My husband and I get along a lot better now that I can control my spending habits more.

If you would like anymore information, I would love to help out or answer any questions you may have!  If you don’t want to buy the book, you can ask around and see if someone has one you can borrow or check out your local library!

What are some other resources you use to help you save money?