Taking Care of You


On an airplane before you even leave the tarmac, you are reminded of a very important concept. In case of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop, and you are instructed to put yours on first, before helping others. This is because if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you possibly take care of anyone else? Hello! This is your friendly stewardess reminding you to take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else.
This may seem incredibly selfish and against your instincts as a mother, friend, or human, but I assure you, it’s necessary. If you’re already taking care of número uno first and foremost, that is great! Maybe you will enjoy some of these ideas.
Like any good intervention, the first step is realization and acceptance. Are things that are less important coming before your health and wellness? Do you consistently put tasks for others before tasks for yourself? If you’re unsure, ask a spouse, parent, or friend. They generally will tell you like it is.
The first step to breaking the cycle is to start doing something for yourself. For me it was taking time for myself everyday and not feeling guilty about it. Ok, so maybe I took the time first and had to work on the whole guilty thing, but now I am so thankful I did. For you it may be starting to put your health before your kids wants. Or possibly taking fifteen minutes at the end of the day for a bubble bath. Whatever it is, make sure you remain consistent.
What can you do for yourself today that will make you a healthier, more well rounded individual?

10 Great Inexpensive Date Ideas:)

live breathe inspire If you are like us, we love to go on dates with our husbands.  One of the dilemmas we run into a lot is the money spent on these dates.  Like most couples our budgets are tight, and in order to keep them from getting off track, we need to make sure our wallets are in check when planning for fun nights out!  It doesn’t sound romantic, but for those of us who like to go out, it is better than sitting at home watching tv… (although there is nothing wrong with those chill kind of nights sometimes!).

This is the reason behind this blog post!  We want to create a fun/inexpensive way to enjoy each other on those precious occasions you can find to leave your cares behind and have a great time!

10 Great Inexpensive Date Ideas:

1. Picnic in the park!

This sounds so obvious, but I don’t think this is the first thing that crosses peoples’ minds when thinking of a fun/free activity.  If you decide to do this, make sure you go before dark as most parks close at dusk or dark:)  So pack up a couple of easy food items into a basket and a couple of those fake electronic candles and go to a park nearest you!  When thinking about food, make sure you pick items that will not only travel well but also won’t be too messy!

2.  A Walk/Hike- One of my personal favorites!

This is one of my personal favorites for my husband and I to do together!  You can pick anywhere you want to go to get this walk in.  We have a couple of pretty lakes around our house that we like to walk around.  We also have gone to some nice neighborhoods to look at all the pretty houses as we walk (kind of like great scenery).  Another option would be going to a park with some hiking trails.  This would be great scenery as well and you could see the beautiful nature all around!

3.  Dollar Movie Theater

We have one next to us that has significantly cheaper ticket prices than the normal movie theaters.  They are movies that are already out on DVD, but it is nice to sit in a theater sometimes.  I love it because you get the “movie theater” feel without paying as much!

4.  Ice Cream/Walking around Town

This is one of my favorites!  Grab your favorite ice cream treat and walk it off around town.  You can eat and have some real conversation to go with it.  There is nothing better than unwinding from a busy day with great ice cream and your man/women beside you!

5.  Game Night

This is an easy/cheap idea, but so much fun!  You can play board games or play some games you might not have played since you were a child.  My husband loves playing corn hole (a game he has been playing since he was young).

6.  Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt’s can be around the city, town, or even just around your neighborhood.  You can take turns creating these for each other, and on two separate date nights implement them.  Try creating them around personal items/experiences that you two have had before.  It will make it more meaningful.  When my husband and I were dating, this is what he used to ask me to be his girlfriend:) It was inexpensive, and so thoughtful!

7.  Put Putt

I think this pretty much explains itself!

8.  Minor League Sporting Event

Do you or your significant other like sports?  This is a great alternative than paying lots of money going to a major league game.  Not only that, but look for a night where they are doing something unique and fun!  Our local minor league game has a “pet night” that lots of people like going too since we all love our pets!

9.  Be Creative/In The Moment

Make sure to keep an eye out for those special times that can easily be turned into a “date night.”  Sitting on the porch, eating dinner together in the candlelight, turning on a slow song and starting to dance, or just creating a game while in Target getting groceries!

10.  Check Out Local Events

There are so many fun things to do in different areas.  For example, in my area we have something called “First Fridays.”  This is where stores and galleries open up, and people walk around downtown Canton looking at all the art work and eating some good food.  I am sure there are a lot more fun/cheap events in your area.  You just have to keep an eye out.

In our lives, we need to make sure to take the time to go on date nights with our significant other.  Something doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun!  There are so many ways to create amazing date nights and beautiful memories!  Remember these when you are needing some alone time:)

What other things do you do with your significant other?


A Moment Of Peace Please! #3 Check YoSelf Before You Wreck YoSelf!

This  may be the hardest and most important part of finding peace yet.  Deciding to be a peaceful person.


When Tim and I were first married we lived in married student housing at his college.  Many families there had kids and one woman watched about twelve kids everyday for these families.  In our little apartments this seemed like an awful responsibility to have. 12 kids five days a week, rain or shine, at your house.  I thought this woman has to be exhausted and nuts, but when I finally made my way over to meet her, I was startled by an unexpected turn of events.  Instead of finding chaos and a very tired, very frustrated woman, I found a peaceful woman sitting at her dining room table facing the front door and sketching. The twelve children were all there, playing inside with each other.  I probably would have been nuts, but she was making a conscious decision to be at peace with the situation.

Throughout my life I have seen women like this, who are not as stressed out about the small things and who instead choose to focus on the joy and peace of life.  It can be done, but it takes patience and practice.

Next time your in the bathroom take a good look at yourself in the mirror.  What do you see? Are you a person who is at peace with yourself and your circumstances? Or do you constantly find yourself in want and brought down by your circumstances.  If you are unhappy or finding yourself angry and constantly wanting more, you are not being the best version of yourself.  You can try to blame your circumstances for your feelings and actions, but I can assure you, many people have gone through worse than what your experiencing and have been at peace.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Your life is what you make it”?  This is unbelievable, undeniably, unequivocally; true.  I have seen kids dying with cancer happier than kids who “have everything they need”.  Why? Because they are choosing to be that way.  Everything is a choice.  If you get in a car accident tomorrow and total your car, you have a choice to let it ruin your day, your week, or your month. Or you can choose to look your problem square in the face and not let it take your peace away.

I have been working on this aspect of peace for years.  I have some areas down pat and others I continuously need to work on.  When it doesn’t involve matters of the heart it is very easy for me to remain calm.  An elderly man last week was driving down the complete wrong side of the road, right at me.  As soon as I saw this I slowed to a stop and started honking. I couldn’t pull over and couldn’t back up so I just hoped he finally understood.  As he got closer to my car he started to slow down until he was about five feet from my car, then he promptly started to turn and go around me.  Meanwhile he was outraged and signaled for me to I guess get into my own lane?  Clearly the man was confused.  Looking back I realize I should have probably notified the police, but the point of the story was that it didn’t take my peace.  I remained calmer than I should have throughout the whole ordeal and just drove on home.  Day not ruined, and funny story for dinner, I call that a success!  🙂

So if you struggle with those things, start small and work on breathing during and eventually removing yourself from the heat of the situation.  Try making it into a joke or stopping and trying to think of the bigger picture.  What would you say if you saw someone else in this circumstance? If it is someone you don’t know who is doing something mean or stupid, try remembering you don’t know whats going on in their life and give them a small break.

I was trying life without caffeine this week and definitely zoned out in the middle of an intersection.  I was waiting for the stream of cars to end so I could turn left.  What I didn’t realize, in my caffeine withdrawal coma, was that the light had turned red and I was stupidly sitting in the middle with a ton of angry people waiting for me to go.  My bad 🙁 Lesson learned, don’t skip the coffee and drive.

I know this is long, but the point is that I am not a terrible person, and I genuinely felt bad about being that careless. But I bet that around half those people were either audibly or mentally cursing at me.  People make mistakes, we are all human. Try giving us other humans a break 😉 Maybe others will catch on to the craze! BTW (by the way), this is not for their sake, its for yours! Those pockets of anger cause your stress levels to skyrocket and a whole bunch of other bad stuff.  That’s why they say being angry is bad for your health

Matters of the heart, on the other hand, hit harder and last longer. I still struggle with feelings from broken friendships and my past.  This is something I continuously have to work on to ensure it doesn’t steal my peace.  Since I spend so much time alone these are the peace stealers that effect me the most.  They creep up on me, the memories hit me and suddenly I’m in an intense battle for a positive and peace filled life.

I first try to think of other things, this is my first and sometimes most effective line of defense.  If you have a negative situation from the past that is resolved, or unresolvable, then you need to try to move past it.  If you could have resolved it, what is stopping you from closure now?  If the situation is currently happening and your dwelling on the negative, try thinking of a few positives that have come from the situation.  Try to think of other things, dwelling can amplify the situation and just serve to stir your emotions.

My second line of defense is flat out staring it down.  What really happened, how is it making you feel now, and what can you do about it?  What choices can you make today to either ease your discontent or help you to forget.

Time is the ultimate healer.  They say everything lessens with time.  Go to sleep, get through the week, or the month.  Give it time, these problems have a way of getting smaller over time.  But only if they are in the past!  If you have a problem now, deal with it in the best way you can.  Don’t be petty or mean.  You have to live with yourself day in and day out for the rest of your life and while you can’t control what they do, you can control what you do.  I haven’t always tried to be the best person and I regret not making better choices, but I can honestly say that the last friendship I lost I tried my hardest to do the right thing and now it doesn’t hurt as badly.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it still hurts, but I can look at it as a tragedy and not with anger.

Where are you causing discord in your life either in your thoughts, relationships, or anywhere else.  What can you do to change your circumstances or outlook?  You can choose peace today, no matter what you’ve got going on!

My mom taught me another trick that really helps. You can do this whenever your struggling with thoughts that are taking your peace.  Envision yourself taking them captive and literally walking them to and laying them at the foot of the cross.  If you believe in Christ and God, this will bring you peace.  Because God will take care of it, He will comfort you and take away your hurt if you let Him.


10 Reasons to Move Everyday!

Happy Monday!:)

The past week I have been reflecting on how important it is to move our bodies every day.  I don’t necessarily mean with intense exercises but just moving our bodies in one way, shape, or form.  Our bodies were made to be in motion, and with the type of lifestyle we tend to lead, we can forget this important fact.  Instead of sitting on the couch or at your desk all day, try getting up and moving at different points in the day.

live breathe inspire


To help us understand how important it is, I wanted to list 10 reasons why we should move everyday.

1. It gives us more energy throughout the day.

2. It helps maintain and/or lose weight.

3. It helps us feel better about ourselves.

4. It puts us in a better mood.

5. It helps us get more done since we have more energy.

6. It helps burn more calories throughout the day.

7. It helps curb our appetite.

8. It improves our flexibility and joints.

9. It helps fight off diseases.

10. It helps blood to flow to our brain which helps us to focus.

These are all great reasons why we should be moving everyday, and now I want to discuss some ways in which we can make this happen!

live breathe inspire We can take the stairs instead of an elevator, park away from the stores when we shop to get in some more walking, actually go for walks, walk or run while listening to audiobooks or podcasts, and get up every 45 minutes from our desk and get in some physical activity.  It might be a walk, some jumping jacks, planks, or high knees.

We just need to make sure we are moving everyday.  Our bodies were designed for movement.  We look and feel better when we are moving, so why wouldn’t we try moving more each day?

What are some ways you make sure to move everyday?


#ChangeLivesToday Summer Challenge!

Welcome to another week:) Monday’s can be very difficult for some people. It is not only the start to a work week but also an end to relaxation time for many. It takes some time to get back into the swing of things after having the weekend off. That is why I wanted to try something that will hopefully change people’s lives!

Jess and I created Live Breathe Inspire to be a blog that helps people live better lives. Part of living a better life, in my opinion, is helping and encouraging others. Life can be very lonely and mundane if we are just focused on ourselves. It also causes a lot of us to become depressed looking at our situations sometimes. We think we have it bad when we are focused only in our “world.” That is why I thought this Monday challenge could start helping us to think outside of our lives, and into other people’s lives.

live breathe inspire

It is so easy to stay in our bubble and not worry about other people’s situations, and it is sometimes easy to look down on them. I think we need to change our perspective a little bit by encouraging one another. What better day to start this challenge than on a Monday!

The challenge is every Monday to encourage someone who you think needs it. It can be a co-worker, friend, family member, kid, or even a stranger you meet in the street. Our world is hurting, and we need to take the time to make it a better place.

It will also help us to look outside of ourselves and focus on other peoples’ needs. I love the idea of “Monday Motivation” which is what inspired me to start this challenge. The encouragement could be a note, thoughtful words, a present, a listening ear, or even just a hug. If you become in tune with people, then you will start to think of ways that could brighten their day. If for some reason you cannot think of any way to encourage them on your own, then there is a world wide web that has ideas on almost everything!

Jess and I will be doing this challenge along with you for the rest of the summer. Hopefully by the time fall starts we will have encouraged a lot of people, changed some people’s lives, and changed our perspectives as well. The challenge name will be #ChangeLivesToday! Everytime you do an act that helps someone out use #changelivestoday to let us know about it!

How will you inspire or change someone’s life today?


Simple Healthy Green Drink Recipe- {Delicious!}

One common theme among people in life is that we are all so busy!  It is so difficult to eat healthy while being as busy as we are as well.  That is why we put together a healthy green drink recipe that will not only leave your body feeling nurtured, but it will also give you energy to face your day!

green juice recipe

Here is the recipe we try to drink as much as we can:

Simple Healthy Green Juice- Delicious!


1 Green Granny Smith Apple

3 Cups of Kale

1/4 Lemon

1 Cucumbers

All you do with these ingredients are put them into a juicer and juice them! It is as easy as that, and you get all those nutrients that goes with it. Our favorite time of day to drink them are in the morning.  It gives us so much energy for the day!

Here are some good juicers if you don’t have one for decent prices! Our juicers are one of our favorite kitchen appliances:)

How did you like it?  Do you have any other good green drink recipes?


My 14 Day Media Fast Day One- What’s a Media Fast? & Getting Started

Try this with me.  14 days is all I am asking for.  14 days of complete media silence.  Don’t think about what you will be missing, don’t think about the loss, instead focus on what you will be gaining.  This 14 day media fast could change your life if you let it.  Trust me it’s  a breath of fresh air.  If you like it, keep it going for one month and see the transformative powers double.  I did my first media fast in high school and once again in college, both times it changed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine.  So let’s do this together! No TV, no social media, no music, no radio, no movies, no Pinterest, no Twitter, no Facebook for 14 days.



Fasting is good, it’s healthy, and it can be very therapeutic if you let it.  It can also be hard, take a lot of will power, and seem unimportant.  But I can assure you that a media fast is worth it.  When my high school teacher assigned us this challenge for a full month I scoffed at it.  I questioned the point of it, the outcome, and whether or not it was worth it.  In the end I tried it and what I found changed my life.

It’s amazing what you can learn from silence.  I learned to be alone with my thoughts; to know myself inside and out. But when all the clutter and noise from my life was removed, I found I didn’t like who I was.  I focused on my faults and on my weaknesses, no longer able to ignore them.  They were blatant, I didn’t like to spend time alone.  But as the time went on and the fast ended, I learned these times of silence have a sweetness to them, a stillness.  I started working on myself, with the goal of being the type of person I wanted to spend time with.  I wanted to be able to go to bed at night and know who I was and where I was going.  The silence gave me clarity.  It was a gift from God in a time of life when I needed it the most.  I used to get energy from being with others and now I find it in the time I spend alone.  This one exercise completely changed who I was as a person.

That’s why I am doing it all over again as an adult.  This time for 14 days.  This will be my third time doing a media fast and I expect to gain clarity and understanding.  Try this with me.  Even if you don’t think you want to or need to, try it.  14 days without music, TV, or social media.  Turn off your notifications on your phone and delete the apps if you have to, but do whatever it takes to remove it from daily life for 14 days.

Starting tomorrow I will add to this post everyday journaling my experience.  I would love to hear about yours.  Here we go, 14 days…

Day One:  Today was interesting.  I didn’t realize the number of times I checked all the big social media outlets until today.  I caught myself several times reaching for my phone or about to pull up a website.  Retraining my brain may take time.  Speaking of time, I have had much more of it today.  I didn’t realize the amount of time I spent on social media and television.  The thing that surprised me the most is the peace I feel.  I had to drive about an hour today with no music and my kitchen DIY renovations are also continuing, sans music.  I thought I would go nuts with the silence, but instead I felt calmer.  If you haven’t considered a media fast until now, it’s never too late to start your own.  I have an extremely busy life just due to the simple fact that I am a sick person who likes to take on tons of huge life projects at a time.  I pretty much live in a constant tired state, but not listening to music while I work, not watching TV or the news, and staying away from social media has helped ground me today.  I am on a mission to quit my overly busy life and simplify.  I need to get through the projects I currently am working on, but after that I vow to take no more.   This fast may become a constant in my life, so far I like the peace and quite.


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