LBI 009- How to Manage Your Money with a Budget!

LBI 009- How to Manage Your Money with a Budget!

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Today we are tackling budgets in our money series. Not everyone’s favorite topic, but it’s important to handle our money well in order to live a stress free, fun filled, or passionate life.  How we handle our money impacts our lives in every way. Don’t let your money handle you. Take control today and create a budget for you and your family. Listen here to find out how.

Why is budgeting important?

1. Keeps records of your spending and expenses.

2. There are fewer surprises during the month.

3. Helps you to plan and look ahead.

4. Helps you to stay in control versus just allowing things to happen to you.

What are the steps to setting a good budget thats right for your family.

1. Keep track of your finances for three months.

2. Make a list of all incoming money.

3. Make a list of your monthly bills and what you think your spending.

4. Create your document.

5. Figure out your best method to stay on track.

6. Stick to it.

Rini and Jess~

LBI 008 – How To Save $1,000 in One Month!

“LBI 008 – How To Save 1,000 in One Month!”

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There are so many people out there with money issues. With so many distractions and things to buy it is difficult staying diligent with saving your money. Some of us find ourselves in bad circumstances because of it. That is why we wanted to give you some ways to save 1,000 in one month.

It could be that you want to kick off your savings account, your emergency fund, or have run into an emergency and need some extra cash fast! Whatever the situation, I know that we all could use an extra $1,000 so let’s get started!

Ways to Save:

1. Sell Your Old Furniture/Stuff- Try going through your things and list the items you could sell that you aren’t using or just don’t need. You can sell on craigslist or try to sell on ebay. If you try to sell it on craigslist make sure you don’t accept anything but cash, and that you try to meet them at a neutral location. If you are a women, then I suggest taking a man with you. You can bring your husband, dad, brother, or friend.

2. Do Not Buy Anything That You Don’t Need That Month- I know this might be difficult for most of us, but if you want to save as much as possible then you might have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve that. There will be items you need in order to survive (like food, shelter, etc.), but try not to buy anything else that isn’t needed (and NO just because that skirt looks good on you doesn’t mean you should buy it!). If you can do this and skip your morning latte for a month, then you will be surprised at the money you save just in one month alone. I have had to do this multi times in our marriage, and I am always glad once I have completed it. It not only gives us a head start on our money, but it also helps me grow as a person.

3. Cut Your Utilities Bill- You can do this in several ways. You can lower the heat in the winter, and turn off the AC in the summer. I know it won’t be the most pleasant environment, but it will save some extra money! If you have cable, then you can always get rid of it as well. My husband and I recently got rid of cable, but still enjoy the benefits of Netflix and Hulu Plus. So if you really like your movies and TV shows you don’t necessary have to give those up in order to save.

4. Find Ways To Make Extra Money- You might already have a full time job, but if you really want to save 1,000 in one month then you might have to work a bit overtime this month. Each of us have different skills and abilities we can offer, but find something you can offer as a side job and get to work! Some examples might include: mowing the lawns for neighbors, doing home improvement projects (that you are knowledgeable in) for others, tutoring, dog walking, dog sitting, babysitting, or anything else you could do with your skill set. My husband is great at flooring since he used to do that in the summer’s growing up. Now he takes on extra projects outside of our own home sometimes to make some extra money.
There are so many options out there. If you need some more ideas you can always google, “Ways to make extra money.”

5. Ask For A Raise- Depending on the type of job you have, there are ways you can ask for a raise. If you have been working at a company for a couple of years, then you can always go in and ask for a raise. Make sure you give reasons WHY the employer should give you a raise. It isn’t beneficial to go in empty handed. One of my friends leveraged their job by applying to another company. Once that other company offered them the job, then went back to their employers and stated they would leave unless the could guarantee steady work where he lived. I know this isn’t the same thing as a raise, but he was tired of driving all around for his job and this meant more to him than any pay raise would have.

Ramit Sethi has some great scripts for talking to your employer when asking for a raise. Just go to for more information.

6. Be Creative!- There are so many other ways to save money. Sit down with your spouse or by yourself and create a plan of action. Think of it like a monopoly game, and try to think of other strategies to use in order to get where you want to financially!

We hoped you enjoyed these strategies as these are just some of the ways we try to save some extra money as well!

Rini and Jess~

LBI 007- Leading An Active Lifestyle- Ways to Be More Active!

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“LBI 007- Leading An Active Lifestyle- Ways to Be More Active!”

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is why it is so important to stay active! Many people work at their desks for the majority of the day, and others watch many hours of tv each day as well. We need to break this habit and start moving!

Why it’s important:
– We will become healthier individuals
– We will speed up our metabolism if we are more active
– We will have more energy
– We will have better focus and mental clarity
– We will have a better quality of life

Ways to be more active:

1. Break up your workday with a workout or a nice brisk walk
– This helps to give you more energy throughout the rest of the day, and helps with creativity!

2. Every hour stand up from your chair, and do an exercise move for a minute (to help keep you moving)

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3. Walk or ride your bike to work (if possible)

4. Plan outdoor activities (such as tennis, biking, hiking, canoeing, or basketball)

5. Use a stand up desk to work

6. Take your dog for a walk

7. Play with your kids!

You will find that if you incorporate more movement into your day you will start to feel better. It doesn’t have to be extreme exercise to get you a healthier lifestyle. All you need is to start being more active, and eating a healthier diet!

Remember… healthyliving is a marathon… not a sprint!

~Rini and Jess


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Side blurp:

Jessica: So I came in today to start recording with Rini, and I had a beautiful love note from her on my keyboard.  I teared up a little and wanted to share it with you all 😉


LBI 006- Why We Need Routines!

“LBI 006- Routines”.

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Routines are so important, but it is difficult for us to start to establish them within our hectic lives.  We give you easy ways to start routines right away!

Why are they important?

– They help us stay organized and on track

– They help us streamline the processes in the morning and night in order to save time and energy

– They help us get more done in a day

– They help keep us focused so we aren’t running around the house like a chicken that just got it’s head cut off

How to setup routines for you and your family!

1. Learn what has to be done for you and your family.

– For three of days write down everything you do in the morning and evening.

– Make a list of things you did in common on all three of those days.

2. Make a list of things you would like to add into your morning and evening routines!

– Some things on Jess’s list is pray, read, write in gratitude journal, yoga, bath time, vitamins.

– Other examples can be: spot check the whole house, check appointments for the next day, start a to do list, devotional, exercise.

3. Pick one thing from the list you made that you want to start doing right away.

4. Take the stuff you already do, and put it in an order that makes sense.

5. Try that for a week, then add in a new one.  Every week you will add in a new step, and by the end of the month it should start being a routine.

– Make sure you time it that way you know how long it takes to get through it.  This way you know when to wake up and start getting stuff done or when to start your routines before bed.


We hope this has helped you as much as it helps us! Let us know what routines you putting in place to stay organized!

~Rini and Jess

LBI 005- Heart of the Home

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What is your role in your home?

This has been on my heart for awhile.  I feel like women are supposed to be the heart of the home. God has designed us for an unique purpose.  It isn’t that we can’t lead or shouldn’t make decisions, but we really should model peace, love, and kindness in our home.

Have you ever seen wife swap? “If momma isn’t happy, no one is happy!”  This makes me think about what tone we are setting for our homes? Are you being perpetually busy or are you always stressed?

We should have realized the tone we are setting in our homes.

For us, when we are constantly working to try to catch up with the ever growing workload, we don’t take time for the things in life that matter most.  If we always chose to try to get everything done, then we are setting a bad tone for our marriage and family life.

We need to remember that the house doesn’t have to be perfect, the laundry will be there tomorrow (unless you don’t have clean underwear and in that case, please, do the laundry), and your tv show can be watched on netflix five months from now.

We feel like women, myself ourselves, have forgotten the most important thing in life, LOVE!  It’s the people that matter! You can literally take NOTHING to the grave with you, but you can live on through the impact you made on others in your life.  That starts at home, but it’s also the hardest to do at home.

We know that most people treat their closest family and friends the worst.  Why is that?  That we give our best to the people we will never see again, but we cannot be kind and gentle with our own family? Please don’t stop reading because I have really great news!

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Even if you have been the abominable snowman in your household you can change.

You can be the wife, mother, daughter, and friend you were intended to be.   I would never bring you down and then not show you the way back up!  I know it’s hard, but there are ways you can change and make your household the safe, loving, and joyful place it’s supposed to be.

1.  Search for the areas you need to work on.

-This could be anger, sadness, lack of energy, hostility, judgement, laziness, disorganization, business, harshness, too high expectations, etc.

-Ask your family what they would like to see you change and you can’t get mad!

-If you can ask your parents or a trusted friend.  I am lucky enough to have both who are not afraid to tell me what’s what!

2. Make a physical list of the traits or qualities that are negatively impacting others in your home.

-Since your home isn’t perfect I am going to assume there will be other’s who may test your resolve and patience, but remember, it’s your home.  No matter what hubby or the kids do, it’s you who will make the biggest impact in the long run, if you can make it!

3.  List out things you can do on a daily basis to combat those traits and write them out next to each one.

-For business I wrote that I will never turn down time with others to do things that don’t have to be done that day.

I also wrote that I will take time for myself to workout or do other things I need to do in order to take care of myself.

-Next to unloving, I wrote that I need to find the love languages of the people in my life by the end of the week, so if you don’t get a call or text,  please send me your list, I would love to know! (If your not sure what love languages are, please look up the book and read it! It’s pretty dead on.  Basically it says that everyone has different ways of giving and receiving love.  Most people don’t receive love the same way. For example, please don’t buy me gifts, they do nothing for me, but sit and talk to me for an hour and I will feel so loved! But my friend Kate on the other hand loves gifts and they make her feel special and loved.  So for each person it’s unique, but knowing that information about others can help you to be a better friend, mother, lover, daughter, and whatever else you happen to be.)

In addition to finding out their love languages I wrote that I need to do something with that knowledge.  I need to say the things I feel, or send the gifts that I think of when I am shopping, or just spend the time I would like to with the people I love.

-I could keep going, but trust me,  you don’t want me to!

4.  Put the list where you can see it everyday, and don’t be afraid to tell your family what you’re working on in order to get accountability and support.

It might encourage them to do the same.  One of the greatest qualities my parent’s instilled in Rini and I was a drive to be better.  We constantly saw them working on improving themselves while we were growing up and we definitely never forgot.

Please feel free to comment or contact us with any ideas or questions.  We would love to hear from you all!

In addition, the woman is the heart of the home spiritually.

If you want to change your home for good in the best and purest way possible start praying for yourself and your family.  The loving, kind, peaceful woman you want to be can be found through God’s love and searching for Him is the quickest way to change your home.

Thanks for listening!

Rini and Jess~


LBI 004- Positive Thinking!

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“LBI 004” Positive Thinking!

– When I was growing up everyone always told me to think positive, but I never understood the importance.  So what?
– I didn’t realize how much effect that has on your subconcious.  When you think positive thoughts, you are changing your mind and your attitude!
– For example: Are you in a fight with your spouse?  What I like to do instead of thinking about all the things he is doing wrong (which seems like a lot at the time), is think about his positive features. These positive features end up adding up to a lot, and then I realize how lucky I am to have him.  Things aren’t going to be perfect 100% of the time and that is okay!
– In that same regard, if you think positively about your job or dream job, then it will happen.  When you visualize something it is very likely to happen.  Keep visualizing what you want in life, and keep thinking positively.
– Disclaimer:  Although you do need to do this, don’t think that just visualizing and thinking positively without taking action will work.  You have to not only think positively, but put actions in place to help get you there.
Action Steps:
1. Think about all the negative thoughts.  Write them down, and then transfer them into positive thoughts.  (ex. I am not productive —-> I am productive).
2. Write down your goals and dreams you have for your life in positive language. (ex. I will be an author)  **A great place to help you realize these dreams is Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push Challenge!  That is where I got this idea!  I went through the full 30 day challenge, and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help or a push in this area!**
3. Keep them where you can see them everyday, and read through them at least once a day.  This will train your brain to think these positive thoughts, and help you to take action!
4. During times you feel negative keep a gratitude journal and write down some things you are grateful for in your life.  For every negative thought, try writing 3 positive!
– We keep these journals, and they help to keep us content with our lives even if we aren’t where we thought we would be at this point.
– What is something you struggle with staying positive?  Is it a job, your marriage, kids, or even family?  How can you change that?  Let’s start thinking positively together, and start changing our circumstances!
~Rini and Jess

LBI 003- No More Excuses!

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Happy Friday Everyone:)

This podcast is all about excuses!  Excuses  are so awful for our lives!  People make excuses for everything.  Sometimes excuse are warranted. However, most of the time they are hindering us from achieving the type of life we want!  If excuses are holding you back, then let’s make a plan to stop this behavior now!

What is one thing holding you back?  Let’s first identify what it is, then stop the behavior.  Challenge yourself to pause (when something is about to happen), and think about what is being asked of you.  Then, make the decision to either pursue it or not.

Let’s stop making excuses today!

Rini and Jess~