Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help!

We are all so busy in our everyday lives!  We all have unique circumstances that require attention whether it be dogs, cats, kids, husbands/wives, parents, sisters, brothers, work, business, home, apartment, grandparents, friends, projects, and the list goes on.  We don’t have to own our own business to know that sometimes we just need help!  Are there certain activities that you absolutely HATE to do?  Something that you would hire out if you could?  Then do it!

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I think some of us feel bad if we hire out work.  Doesn’t that mean we can’t handle it ourselves?  NO!  I want you to stop thinking that way.  For so many of us we try to be superman/superwoman, and sometimes it just doesn’t work.  What I have been realizing this past week or so is that I would rather NOT be superwoman to my family and be able to spend more time with them.

I know this might be a foreign thought to some of us, and some of us enjoy everything we do around the house or in our business.  That is great!  As long as it isn’t taking away from other important things in life.  If you do everything for your family and still have time for yourself and for quality time with your family, then keep doing what you are doing… and by the way, can we talk sometime? LOL!

What I want you to do is think of the one thing in your life that you would hire out if you could?  Now, I want you to do it!  That is right… I want you to take the steps, and hire it out!  There are so many great places to get help.  If your help doesn’t require being at your home, then there are a lot of places to get virtual assistants for everything you might need.  One of my favorite places is O’Desk, but you could go to Elance as well.

You can post a job you want done and have people apply, or you could look for someone you would like to hire based on their qualifications.  Either way, there are some great people who can help you do what you need to get done for a decent price!  You don’t have to own your own business to get an assistant!  Think about how much money your time is worth.  If you think about it, why would you spend 2 hours trying to research how to do a specific project online when you could hire an assistant who knows what they are doing?

If what you need help with is at your home, then find a reputable company to do the work for you.  You might have to be there while the work is being done in order to oversee it, but you could be working on other things at that time!  If you are short on cash, then try to come up with creative ways to find help!  Instead of hiring a company to mow your yard, find a neighborhood kid who will do it for cheaper.  Not only is your lawn getting mowed, but you are also helping a child learn entrepreneurship and how to manage his/her money!

If that even seems like a stretch for you at this point, then set a goal, and once you make a certain amount of money, start hiring out the chore you hate doing the most.  For me, I love doing the laundry.  That is something I will never give up:)  But the cleaning on the other hand is a different story.  I absolute hate wasting my time cleaning.

If you are nervous with starting with a virtual assistant (like I was), just try someone out for a small project you need done.  Chances are if you hired a good worker, then you will quickly realize how much time, energy, and even money they will save you!  Yes… I said money!!  When I first hired my virtual assistant, I was nervous.  I soon realized that what it took me sometimes 2 hours to complete it only took her 30 minutes!! That is 1.5 hours saved, and I only had to pay her 30 minutes of her time.  It is a win-win for everyone:)

If you would like more information, you can email me at  I would love to answer any questions you may have, or help you with anything else you might need!

Remember… sometimes we can’t do it alone, and that is OKAY!  We aren’t perfect nor should we be.  Know what those special tasks are that only you can do, and try to get to the point where you can hire out the rest!

What is something you would like to get help with?



Encouraging Others


For some reason in our society we have gotten away from encouraging others.  We judge others and sometimes are harsh to them without even realizing it.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday where she was talking about how people in your life should challenge you on decisions and try to make sure you are making the best decisions possible.  While I do believe you need people in your life to tell it like it is sometimes, I do believe we need encouragement more.

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It took awhile for me to pursue my dreams and leave my steady career that I had grown accustomed to.  I had people in my life supporting me and telling me to chase those dreams, and it still took me awhile to start on that journey.  I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t have anyone in my life who encouraged me to be the person I dreamed of being.  Instead it could have been easier for them to tell me that I wouldn’t make it, and I needed to stay with a steady job that I knew was the safe option.

It was definitely the option that was guaranteed to work since I was already in that position and creating a good life from that job.  Most people would have been happy in the career path that I went into, but there was something missing in it for me.  I just kept feeling like there was something else out there for me.

If I wouldn’t have had my support group in place when I got started on my journey of being an entrepreneur, I probably wouldn’t be in the place I am today.  I definitely did not pick the easy choice, but I picked the choice that makes me feel like I am doing what I was designed to do.  I still feel frustrated, beaten down, and even like I am failing sometimes.  The difference now is that I keep doing it because I love doing what I do.  The positives outweigh the negatives, and I love being able to create the life I have always wanted.

For you it might be something different that you need encouragement on, but every one of us needs it in some way!  Do you remember the last time you encouraged someone?  Do you remember the last time someone encouraged you?  If you don’t have anyone in your life that you feel encourages you to be the person you want to be then find some people that do!  Join communities of people that will be that support system for you.  Your local church,, and joining a local gym could all provide opportunities to meet these people.  There are probably some great people who you work with that would be great friends if you just opened yourself up!

People want to be around people that inspire them and believe in them!  We need to start being positive towards those people in our lives that mean the most to us.  If you can’t remember the last time you encouraged a friend or family member, I challenge you to pick up the phone and either call or text some sort of encouragement to someone who you know needs it.

The other day I had a friend who felt bad about her success so far in life and was trying to justify why they were building a home with so much space.  I looked at her and said, “You have worked hard to get where you are in life today.  You don’t have to justify it to me!”

She had other family members around her that weren’t as happy for her and were jealous.  Instead of encouraging her and genuinely being happy for her, they were criticizing her need for space in the home, and making rude comments under their breath.  This is no way to treat people, and it has got to stop!

I am not perfect in encouraging others, but I am trying everyday to be better.

God has given us all a purpose and a plan in our life.  Everyone’s life looks different, but who are we to judge what someone else’s life should look like?  I don’t think if we see someone we love go down a bad path that we shouldn’t speak up and say something, but if we do and the behavior still does not change, then all we can do at that point is pray and encourage them.  People will respond better to love than someone trying to change them.

We are going to start a FREE private encouragement group on Facebook if you truly need some encouragement, but don’t get it from others in your life.  We all need it so we want to be able to provide that for you:)  Email us at or message us on our Facebook page to sign up!

Life is hard, but together we can do more:)


Ways to Stay Inspired!

Nothing is more exciting than starting a new adventure!  The thrill of something new is always so much fun, but then after a while, things start to fade.  This is why so many people fail at succeeding in the things in life that they really want.  One of my tricks to help me stay on track is staying inspired!

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There are so many ways to keep you inspired, but you have to actively be seeking it.  I not only surround myself with an inspiring area, but I also surround myself with inspirational people.  I will give you a few suggestions, but there is no limit to the amount of things we can do to stay inspired on a daily basis.

Stay Inspired By:

1.  Setting up a beautiful work area.  Whether you work at home or in an office, make sure that you create a space that inspires you.  You are likely to not only accomplish more but be more creative in an amazing space.  Make sure you keep things organized as well.  Check out Jess’s workspace, and my own!

2.  Keep inspirational quotes and bible verses around you.  These will help you stay on track, and remind you to seek God’s will first.  This can look different depending on how much space you have.  You can either get picture quotes/bible verses to put on your wall, graphic design quotes that you keep on your computer, or frame some quotes in picture frames to put around you.  I love having mine on my desktop, and I refer to them often!

3.  Keep the right company.  This might seem obvious, but you have to make sure you hang out around people that inspire you and lift you up.  You will not only be more productive and creative, but you will have more confidence with people supporting you and trying to help you.  Anything in life is possible!  Pick friends that will lift you up and challenge you to be a better person.  When you surround yourself with people who are inspiring they can raise you up to their level!

I hope these will not only help keep you inspired, but also help you achieve your dreams in life.  If anyone ever tells you that you cannot do something, know that they are completely wrong!  You can do whatever you set your mind to.  It might not work on the first try, and you have to work hard at it.  It will come though if you continue pursuing it and learning from your mistakes.

Please take at least one thing from this post and incorporate it into your life.  If you are doing all these things, but are still struggling with your creativity, then try changing your scenery.  Go for a beautiful walk/hike or plan a trip to the beach.  Getting outside of your comfort zone every once in a while, and changing scenery will help keep your creativity juices flowing!

What other things inspire you?



10 Great Inexpensive Date Ideas:)

live breathe inspire If you are like us, we love to go on dates with our husbands.  One of the dilemmas we run into a lot is the money spent on these dates.  Like most couples our budgets are tight, and in order to keep them from getting off track, we need to make sure our wallets are in check when planning for fun nights out!  It doesn’t sound romantic, but for those of us who like to go out, it is better than sitting at home watching tv… (although there is nothing wrong with those chill kind of nights sometimes!).

This is the reason behind this blog post!  We want to create a fun/inexpensive way to enjoy each other on those precious occasions you can find to leave your cares behind and have a great time!

10 Great Inexpensive Date Ideas:

1. Picnic in the park!

This sounds so obvious, but I don’t think this is the first thing that crosses peoples’ minds when thinking of a fun/free activity.  If you decide to do this, make sure you go before dark as most parks close at dusk or dark:)  So pack up a couple of easy food items into a basket and a couple of those fake electronic candles and go to a park nearest you!  When thinking about food, make sure you pick items that will not only travel well but also won’t be too messy!

2.  A Walk/Hike- One of my personal favorites!

This is one of my personal favorites for my husband and I to do together!  You can pick anywhere you want to go to get this walk in.  We have a couple of pretty lakes around our house that we like to walk around.  We also have gone to some nice neighborhoods to look at all the pretty houses as we walk (kind of like great scenery).  Another option would be going to a park with some hiking trails.  This would be great scenery as well and you could see the beautiful nature all around!

3.  Dollar Movie Theater

We have one next to us that has significantly cheaper ticket prices than the normal movie theaters.  They are movies that are already out on DVD, but it is nice to sit in a theater sometimes.  I love it because you get the “movie theater” feel without paying as much!

4.  Ice Cream/Walking around Town

This is one of my favorites!  Grab your favorite ice cream treat and walk it off around town.  You can eat and have some real conversation to go with it.  There is nothing better than unwinding from a busy day with great ice cream and your man/women beside you!

5.  Game Night

This is an easy/cheap idea, but so much fun!  You can play board games or play some games you might not have played since you were a child.  My husband loves playing corn hole (a game he has been playing since he was young).

6.  Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt’s can be around the city, town, or even just around your neighborhood.  You can take turns creating these for each other, and on two separate date nights implement them.  Try creating them around personal items/experiences that you two have had before.  It will make it more meaningful.  When my husband and I were dating, this is what he used to ask me to be his girlfriend:) It was inexpensive, and so thoughtful!

7.  Put Putt

I think this pretty much explains itself!

8.  Minor League Sporting Event

Do you or your significant other like sports?  This is a great alternative than paying lots of money going to a major league game.  Not only that, but look for a night where they are doing something unique and fun!  Our local minor league game has a “pet night” that lots of people like going too since we all love our pets!

9.  Be Creative/In The Moment

Make sure to keep an eye out for those special times that can easily be turned into a “date night.”  Sitting on the porch, eating dinner together in the candlelight, turning on a slow song and starting to dance, or just creating a game while in Target getting groceries!

10.  Check Out Local Events

There are so many fun things to do in different areas.  For example, in my area we have something called “First Fridays.”  This is where stores and galleries open up, and people walk around downtown Canton looking at all the art work and eating some good food.  I am sure there are a lot more fun/cheap events in your area.  You just have to keep an eye out.

In our lives, we need to make sure to take the time to go on date nights with our significant other.  Something doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun!  There are so many ways to create amazing date nights and beautiful memories!  Remember these when you are needing some alone time:)

What other things do you do with your significant other?


10 Reasons to Move Everyday!

Happy Monday!:)

The past week I have been reflecting on how important it is to move our bodies every day.  I don’t necessarily mean with intense exercises but just moving our bodies in one way, shape, or form.  Our bodies were made to be in motion, and with the type of lifestyle we tend to lead, we can forget this important fact.  Instead of sitting on the couch or at your desk all day, try getting up and moving at different points in the day.

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To help us understand how important it is, I wanted to list 10 reasons why we should move everyday.

1. It gives us more energy throughout the day.

2. It helps maintain and/or lose weight.

3. It helps us feel better about ourselves.

4. It puts us in a better mood.

5. It helps us get more done since we have more energy.

6. It helps burn more calories throughout the day.

7. It helps curb our appetite.

8. It improves our flexibility and joints.

9. It helps fight off diseases.

10. It helps blood to flow to our brain which helps us to focus.

These are all great reasons why we should be moving everyday, and now I want to discuss some ways in which we can make this happen!

live breathe inspire We can take the stairs instead of an elevator, park away from the stores when we shop to get in some more walking, actually go for walks, walk or run while listening to audiobooks or podcasts, and get up every 45 minutes from our desk and get in some physical activity.  It might be a walk, some jumping jacks, planks, or high knees.

We just need to make sure we are moving everyday.  Our bodies were designed for movement.  We look and feel better when we are moving, so why wouldn’t we try moving more each day?

What are some ways you make sure to move everyday?


Why We Drink Green Tea and Some Other Amazing Ways to Use It!

Growing up I never thought once about drinking tea.  It was just something I didn’t do, and I had no desire to start.   Now, as an adult, I have realized all the wonderful benefits there are to drinking tea.  Here are some of the benefits of drinking green tea and some of the creative ways you might not know about to use it!  Jess and I have grown to love green tea, and we hope you will grow to love it as well!

Green tea

If you watch Dr. Oz or any other health shows, then you having probably heard that there are so many benefits to drinking tea and here is why:

– It helps protect you against cancer.  The antioxidant in green tea is so effective at protecting your cells from damage.

– It helps protect you against heart disease and stroke.

– The antioxidant (polyphenol) in green tea not only helps fight aging, but it also aids in weight loss by speeding up your metabolism.  This helps increase the amount of weight you will lose in a year.

– Green tea helps lessen stress.  When you take the time to slow down and drink some green tea, it provides a calming effect.

– It helps people with diabetes to stabilize their blood sugar.

green tea

Some other great uses for green tea are:

– Adding three teabags to your bath.  It is great for your skin!

– Brew it, freeze it in ice cube trays, and add it to any smoothie or other drinks.

– Steep green tea into your favorite bowl of oatmeal and add some extra antioxidants to your meal!

– Use it in a salt rub for cellulite!

– Soak a washcloth and place it on your face.  Green tea has been known to help tighten and firm the skin.

With all these healthy benefits to green tea and great uses you can’t go wrong in trying some out!  There are a lot of different flavors, so you can choose the one that best fits you.  I personally like to use blueberry green tea because I am a big fan of blueberries.  You can experiment and find the flavor and brand you like best.


What are your favorite brands or flavors of green tea?

5 Ways to Save Money Everyday!

How to save money

How to save money

We are all looking for ways to save money.  You might be trying to save up for a home, for college, for a nice vacation, or investing for your retirement.  We are always looking for new ways to help us make the most of our money.  That is why I have written this post today.  Below you will find a list of 5 tips for saving more money everyday!  These tips have helped my family save some money, and I hope they do the same for your family:)

1. Eat From Home

Now if you are like me and like to eat out, I am not saying to never eat out again.  What you can do is make sure you are eating the majority of your meals at home.  This will save you a lot of money!  The key to eating from home is making sure you have the food you need and make a meal plan.  I cannot tell you how often I used to wait until the last minute to decide what to have for dinner.  This leads normally to a trip to Chipotle because I cannot think of anything to make quickly.  Now I normally plan out our meals and make sure to get all the materials (or at least most of it) when I make my weekly trip to the grocery store.


Great cookbook for Gluten-free households:)

Another great way to make eating from home easier is by buying your food in bulk at a store like Costco or Sam’s Club Then you can create a lot of meals at once and freeze them.  Jess has created a beautiful post on how to do this!

2. Get Rid of Cable

I know this might come to a shock to many of you that I have even suggested this, but hear me out before you completely rule this tip out.  There are so many current alternatives to cable that costs a lot less!  The three I use are netflix, hulu plus, and amazon prime.  Between the three of these channels I have most of my shows I used to watch covered, plus I have an endless list of new tv shows that I can start watching whenever I want.  Netflix is around 7.99/month and huluplus is around the same price as that.  Amazon prime membership is $79 per year, but you also get free shipping on amazon prime purchases.  For me, it is worth it just because of that feature!

There are also some great devices that you can add all your accounts to and stream the shows on your tv so you don’t have to be stuck watching on your computer.  I currently own an Apple TV and love it even though it doesn’t stream amazon prime yet.  There is also the Roku and Google Chromecast as well.  The Google Chromecast costs the least at around $35 while the Roku and Apple TV are around $99.  Look on Amazon or other places on the internet to find the one that will be the best fit for you.

how to save money

Save Money with This Apple TV!

3. Use Natural Cleaners

When you go to the store to buy cleaners, they are always so expensive!  There are some quick, easy, and cheap ways to clean using natural cleaners.  One of the most common ones is using a half and half mixture with white vinegar and water. I know the vinegar has a distinct smell, but you can add some essential oils to it in order to help mask the smell.  Another great way to clean naturally and to save money is use baking soda.  There are so many ways to use baking soda for cleaning.  It can be used to clean toilets, glass shower doors, drains, faucets, and much more!  Not only will you be using less chemicals, but you will also save money!

Save money

Clean Naturally to Save Even More Money!

4. Get Rid of Your Memberships You Aren’t Using or Don’t Need

I know I talked about joining netflix, hulu plus, and amazon prime in number 2 of the “Ways to Save Money” list, but those memberships helped you cut a bigger expense (cable).  What I mean here is get rid of the memberships that you are not using or that you don’t necessarily need.  We all have signed up for an automated service to help better our lives, but do we actually use them?  If you are a member of a gym that you don’t go to, then I suggest getting rid of that membership right away.  I love fitness and working out, but if you aren’t using it now, no matter how good your intentions might be, you are wasting money.  There are so many other ways to workout that don’t require a gym membership or any money at all.  I would suggest that if you are a member at a gym, you should figure out if you really need it to workout.  I used to be a member at a gym, but after paying month after month I realized I was just giving that money away.  Most of the stuff I did at the gym I could do outside or in my own home.

Really analyze your subscriptions/memberships and cut where you can.  Your bank account will thank you later!

5. Use Coupons or Shop at Aldi

I know many of us have read about using coupons before, but it is a great reminder for saving money.  If you don’t like to coupon or don’t have the time, then shopping at discount grocery stores works well.  My favorite place to shop is Aldi!  You don’t need coupons there because everything is already so cheap.  At first I was hesitant because I like to buy healthy foods, but they actually have a lot of organic and healthy items as well.  If you haven’t shopped there yet, please make sure you at least give it a shot before dismissing it altogether.  I was shocked the first time I rang out!  The amount of money I spent vs. the amount of food I bought was outstanding!  There food is really good as well.  If you coupon or start shopping at places like Aldi, you will find that your monthly budget for food will slowly get smaller and smaller.  This gives us more money to invest, pay off our home, save for our children’s college, or just do some fun activities as a family.

Whether it be shopping at discount grocery stores, cutting back on your memberships, using natural cleaning supplies, or getting rid of cable there are always ways to save money.  I hope these ideas help get you started.

Here’s to saving money!


What are some others ways you save money?