A Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

I have been traveling a lot more than usual this year!  There have been weddings to go to, family reunions to attend, vacations, and time away with my husband.  Not all hotels or places we stay have workout equipment that I can use so I had to create my own full body workout!


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Here is one of my go-to full body workouts that can be done anywhere!  You can do your workout outside, at a friends house, in a hotel room, or at your parents house.  Anywhere that you are… you can do this workout!  The beauty about this routine is that you do not have to use any equipment.

So many people don’t workout sometimes because they don’t have access to a gym, a dvd player, or their laptops.  This shouldn’t be an excuse.  God has created the perfect gym in nature:)  You can build strength and get a great workout in without ever stepping foot on an elliptical!

Are you getting away this summer or fall?  Try this workout!:)

How did you do?