Daily Health Checklist


Daily Checklist

If your anything like me you know what you should be doing on a daily basis to be healthy and feel good.  Unfortunately, you and I also get caught up in our daily lives and forget to do these things.  We can try to simplify our lives, but let’s be honest with ourselves, ain’t gonna help!  I have been painfully cutting things out of my life in order to simplify and I still can’t remember to drink water!  Yes, there may be something wrong with me, but  I need daily reminders to do those things that keep me healthy and active.  This is where my daily health checklist comes in handy.  I keep mine framed in my bathroom and like so many other things in my house I use a dry erase marker to make my tallies on the glass front of the frame.  Every night I simply wipe the tallies with some TP and I am all set for the day.  I use my  Chalk Ink 6mm Classic Wet Wipe Markers, 8-Pack, Chalk Ink 6mm Earthy Wet Wipe Markers, 8-Pack, and Chalk Ink 6mm Bling-Bling Cha Ching Wet Wipe Markers, 8-Pack daily for many of my boards and calenders throughout my house. (As with many things, the cheapest I have found them is on Amazon, click the link to purchase.) I also use it to check off my laminated goal sheet for my life.  


I debated leaving this list in my kitchen, but I finally decided on our master bathroom.  In the kitchen your forced to stare at it daily along with your family, friends, and guests.  This way offers more accountability, but personally I prefer to keep it upstairs since it forces me to walk upstairs to cross things off.  This forces me to move more.  But it’s better to actually use the list than to have to walk to make tally marks and for many people, having it upstairs means they won’t use it.  I made these lists for my mom, dad, and sister Rini as well.  So far everyone is doing well and feeling good!  You may notice there is no meat and/or dairy on my list.  That is because I primarily live a vegan lifestyle in regards to food.  I feel better, think more clearly, and maintain a healthier weight while living this lifestyle.  Don’t judge me if you see “regular” recipes on here, my hubby Tim is NOT vegan and I try to accommodate him as much as possible.  I used the Mayo Clinic’s Calorie Calculator to find the number of calories we each need per day to maintain, loose, or gain weight.   This is an easy way to safetly judge your personal calorie intake needs.  Please remember when using the tool that this calculator uses an average and if your breastfeeding, an avid athlete, or suffering from a disease or sickness this may under or overestimate your caloric needs.  I then used some of the recommendations of a modified vegan food pyramid I found.   I strive to meet these standards daily, but I don’t stress and force myself to eat if I didn’t.  It is a good guide and reminder that I need to eat a variety of foods and drink a ton of water.  You can find your water intake needs in terms of ounces by diving your weight in half.  So if you weigh 150 lbs you would need to drink 75 ounces of water every day.  I have a 24 oz CamelBak that I use and I know I should drink more than three of these every day.  I hope this was helpful and I would love to see your daily checklists!


My Daily Health Checklist