How to Quit Caffeine in One Day

IMG_1266 I struggle with an addiction to caffeine.  It started with a soda addiction and has now become a coffee habit.  But there have been times in my life where caffeine has not been available or when I am traveling and do not wish to be confined by a coffee pot.  For this I have had to quit caffeine whether it be for several days or a few months.  Each time the process seems more harsh and grueling and I never understand why I do it to myself.  This last time, however, I found the secret.  I would like to share with you all my recipe for a more painless and less time consuming way to quit caffeine.

  1.  The first step is to plan.  Plan out one day where you can take the time to care for yourself, you can still function, but being at home would be preferable.
  2. Get the things you need first before you start.  Calcium helps ease the caffeine withdrawal.  I recommend Natural Vitality Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon 16oz.  I have taken calcium supplements while trying to quit before, but I saw little to no difference.  However, when I sipped on this stuff continuously all day it lessened my headaches and made me feel… normal, can you believe it! Neither could I! Pick this bad boy up at your local health food store, or get it online from Vitacost or Amazon for cheap. Click the picture below for my favorite flavor, or to see other yummy kinds.  P.S. This stuff is also good for relieving stress and tension, so when your done kicking the habit, you can keep it to make life a bit less stressful. Also, a vitamin B-complex will help with the lack of energy.  It is so good for your body anyways, why not try it to help lessen the severe lack of energy you are sure to experience? I recommend Garden of Life Vitamin Code – Raw B-Complex, 60 vegan caps Box.  The body has a easy time absorbing these vitamins and I trust this brand to go the extra mile as far as purity and whole food sourcing.  Take half the recommended dose if your concerned about the price, it will still be more beneficial than the drug store brand.

3.  Go big or go home.  Get the coffee maker of whatever your poison is out of your house before you start.  If you have to drive to get it, chances are you will just stick it out versus relapsing.  Caffeine is a powerful drug and the addiction is very real, don’t underestimate your body’s desire for it once it is gone.

4.  Execute.  Taper down as much as you can so your not going from four cups a day to none, but actually stopping has to happen sometime and the sooner the better right?  As soon as you wake up start drinking as much water as possible

Good luck all of you! Please feel free to ask questions or comment below.  I would love to hear how you quit or help you if you need it.