LBI 009- How to Manage Your Money with a Budget!

LBI 009- How to Manage Your Money with a Budget!

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Today we are tackling budgets in our money series. Not everyone’s favorite topic, but it’s important to handle our money well in order to live a stress free, fun filled, or passionate life.  How we handle our money impacts our lives in every way. Don’t let your money handle you. Take control today and create a budget for you and your family. Listen here to find out how.

Why is budgeting important?

1. Keeps records of your spending and expenses.

2. There are fewer surprises during the month.

3. Helps you to plan and look ahead.

4. Helps you to stay in control versus just allowing things to happen to you.

What are the steps to setting a good budget thats right for your family.

1. Keep track of your finances for three months.

2. Make a list of all incoming money.

3. Make a list of your monthly bills and what you think your spending.

4. Create your document.

5. Figure out your best method to stay on track.

6. Stick to it.

Rini and Jess~