Media Fast Day Eight- Mental Clarity

Day eight of my fourteen day media fast where I don’t watch TV, listen to music, watch movies, stalk people on social media, or listen to the news.




The media fast made me realize that mental clarity is extremely important to an intentionally designed life.  The ability to think clearly improves your mood, outlook, and ability to make good decisions.  If you are feeling mentally foggy there are several changes you can make to your daily life that can help.

The first and most important is cut out sugar.  I know this sounds crazy, but please don’t stop reading here.  High fructose corn syrup is the worst!  So many people are finding they have allergies and adverse reactions.  If you drink something and you feel sick or unable to concentrate, it is NO Bueno! It probably contains high fructose corn syrup or worse, another fake sugar.
If you have cut out sugar and are still foggy, try eating more raw or fresh foods than processed.

Working out is another way to improve mental clarity.  It gets your blood pumping to the brain and helps elevate your mood by releasing feel-good neurotransmitters.  If you don’t do these two major things on a daily basis you may want to try it in addition to the media fast.

This fast is so helpful in my life for a number of reasons.  I feel more grounded and peaceful, but I would go nuts if I wan’t able to think clearly with all the new time I have available to me!


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