Media Fast Day Eleven- All Things in Moderation

Day eleven of my fourteen day media fast where I don’t watch TV, listen to music, watch movies, stalk people on social media, or listen to the news.



I am a firm believer in the statement, “all things in moderation.”  I eat a predominately vegan lifestyle, but don’t judge me because I am making Jalapeño Cheddar bread right now, YUM!  But its been over a week without television or music and I am actually considering kicking it to the curb.  I love my husband and will always enjoy curling up and watching movies with him once in awhile, but why should I watch TV when I am alone?  This week I have filled my time with so many other interesting things.  I have been very creative with my photography business and working hard to building it up.  I have been planning a lot and learning often!  I have been listening to self help books and taking online classes which help me become better at my businesses.   I know what your thinking, but once again the media fast isn’t about silence.  Though the silence is sweet, the point is to simplify and be deliberate about what we see and hear. The fast is about cutting out the junk and adding things that make you truly happy.  I have so many things I would like to do; learn another language, cook a different recipe every week, and travel often.  I can definitely foresee these things happening, but not if I spend that time lounging in front of the television.  I think my six days off one day on rule sounds just about right for me.  By the way, the bread is amazing!  This is the first time  I made it 🙂  I am in the middle of one piece, but I will end up freezing the rest for Tim when he gets home.  Again, all things in moderation 😉


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