Media Fast Day Three- It’s About Simplicity, Not a Vow of Silence

Day three of my fourteen day media fast where I don’t watch TV, listen to music, watch movies, stalk people on social media, or listen to the news.



In the car for 12 hours without music. Sounds like a bad way to spend the day right? But it really wasn’t.  We packed healthy food and talked for hours upon hours.    It was so nice to talk and spend time with my two besties.  At this point I do miss music a bit, but the quiet has soothed my nerves which felt fried after months of driving myself to finish projects and my never ending to do list.  Quiet is nice, but fun filled laughter is better.  A media fast isn’t a sabbath from noise.  It’s intentionally cutting out the mind numbing unnecessary chaos that comes from TV and music during every quiet moment in life.  Car rides transform from zone out times to times of peace or prayer.  I suggest contemplating goals and relationships.  Brainstorm about what other clutter you can cut out of your life.  You will be better for it.


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