Media Fast Day Two- The Surprise Upside of a Media Fast

Day two of my fourteen day media fast where I don’t watch TV, listen to music, watch movies, stalk people on social media, or listen to the news. 14DayMediaFast SOOOOOO productive!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like social media.  I like reading and see where people are and what they are doing, but I did not realize how much time I was WASTING!  I didn’t even mind the lack of music today.  I should have mentioned this earlier, but I was asked what I am doing to relax without TV and the answer is simple, read!  Immerse yourself in a great piece of fiction, or educate yourself on something you have always wanted to learn.  Whatever you read is ok because it’s stretching your vocabulary and your mind.  I also feel a lot less tired when I read for hours versus watch TV for just one hour.  I also find myself to be more creative and calmer, after just two days!  However, I did realize, that since I use Facebook for business, though I cannot check people’s feeds, I do need to check my messages! Oops 🙂  That being said, my two weeks are starting off great.  I leave for vacation tomorrow and I am looking forward to silent runs on the beach with just my heartbeat and God to listen to 🙂 I’ll check back in tomorrow.


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