My 14 Day Media Fast Day One- What’s a Media Fast? & Getting Started

Try this with me.  14 days is all I am asking for.  14 days of complete media silence.  Don’t think about what you will be missing, don’t think about the loss, instead focus on what you will be gaining.  This 14 day media fast could change your life if you let it.  Trust me it’s  a breath of fresh air.  If you like it, keep it going for one month and see the transformative powers double.  I did my first media fast in high school and once again in college, both times it changed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine.  So let’s do this together! No TV, no social media, no music, no radio, no movies, no Pinterest, no Twitter, no Facebook for 14 days.



Fasting is good, it’s healthy, and it can be very therapeutic if you let it.  It can also be hard, take a lot of will power, and seem unimportant.  But I can assure you that a media fast is worth it.  When my high school teacher assigned us this challenge for a full month I scoffed at it.  I questioned the point of it, the outcome, and whether or not it was worth it.  In the end I tried it and what I found changed my life.

It’s amazing what you can learn from silence.  I learned to be alone with my thoughts; to know myself inside and out. But when all the clutter and noise from my life was removed, I found I didn’t like who I was.  I focused on my faults and on my weaknesses, no longer able to ignore them.  They were blatant, I didn’t like to spend time alone.  But as the time went on and the fast ended, I learned these times of silence have a sweetness to them, a stillness.  I started working on myself, with the goal of being the type of person I wanted to spend time with.  I wanted to be able to go to bed at night and know who I was and where I was going.  The silence gave me clarity.  It was a gift from God in a time of life when I needed it the most.  I used to get energy from being with others and now I find it in the time I spend alone.  This one exercise completely changed who I was as a person.

That’s why I am doing it all over again as an adult.  This time for 14 days.  This will be my third time doing a media fast and I expect to gain clarity and understanding.  Try this with me.  Even if you don’t think you want to or need to, try it.  14 days without music, TV, or social media.  Turn off your notifications on your phone and delete the apps if you have to, but do whatever it takes to remove it from daily life for 14 days.

Starting tomorrow I will add to this post everyday journaling my experience.  I would love to hear about yours.  Here we go, 14 days…

Day One:  Today was interesting.  I didn’t realize the number of times I checked all the big social media outlets until today.  I caught myself several times reaching for my phone or about to pull up a website.  Retraining my brain may take time.  Speaking of time, I have had much more of it today.  I didn’t realize the amount of time I spent on social media and television.  The thing that surprised me the most is the peace I feel.  I had to drive about an hour today with no music and my kitchen DIY renovations are also continuing, sans music.  I thought I would go nuts with the silence, but instead I felt calmer.  If you haven’t considered a media fast until now, it’s never too late to start your own.  I have an extremely busy life just due to the simple fact that I am a sick person who likes to take on tons of huge life projects at a time.  I pretty much live in a constant tired state, but not listening to music while I work, not watching TV or the news, and staying away from social media has helped ground me today.  I am on a mission to quit my overly busy life and simplify.  I need to get through the projects I currently am working on, but after that I vow to take no more.   This fast may become a constant in my life, so far I like the peace and quite.


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