A Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

I have been traveling a lot more than usual this year!  There have been weddings to go to, family reunions to attend, vacations, and time away with my husband.  Not all hotels or places we stay have workout equipment that I can use so I had to create my own full body workout!


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Here is one of my go-to full body workouts that can be done anywhere!  You can do your workout outside, at a friends house, in a hotel room, or at your parents house.  Anywhere that you are… you can do this workout!  The beauty about this routine is that you do not have to use any equipment.

So many people don’t workout sometimes because they don’t have access to a gym, a dvd player, or their laptops.  This shouldn’t be an excuse.  God has created the perfect gym in nature:)  You can build strength and get a great workout in without ever stepping foot on an elliptical!

Are you getting away this summer or fall?  Try this workout!:)

How did you do?


LBI 007- Leading An Active Lifestyle- Ways to Be More Active!

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“LBI 007- Leading An Active Lifestyle- Ways to Be More Active!”

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is why it is so important to stay active! Many people work at their desks for the majority of the day, and others watch many hours of tv each day as well. We need to break this habit and start moving!

Why it’s important:
– We will become healthier individuals
– We will speed up our metabolism if we are more active
– We will have more energy
– We will have better focus and mental clarity
– We will have a better quality of life

Ways to be more active:

1. Break up your workday with a workout or a nice brisk walk
– This helps to give you more energy throughout the rest of the day, and helps with creativity!

2. Every hour stand up from your chair, and do an exercise move for a minute (to help keep you moving)

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3. Walk or ride your bike to work (if possible)

4. Plan outdoor activities (such as tennis, biking, hiking, canoeing, or basketball)

5. Use a stand up desk to work

6. Take your dog for a walk

7. Play with your kids!

You will find that if you incorporate more movement into your day you will start to feel better. It doesn’t have to be extreme exercise to get you a healthier lifestyle. All you need is to start being more active, and eating a healthier diet!

Remember… healthyliving is a marathon… not a sprint!

~Rini and Jess


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Side blurp:

Jessica: So I came in today to start recording with Rini, and I had a beautiful love note from her on my keyboard.  I teared up a little and wanted to share it with you all 😉


Odd Ways to Simplify Your Life


I know we have talked about simplicity before, but I never went in depth about some things that can really help you maintain a simpler, easier life. There are several ways you can go about this and many of these techniques can be transferred to other areas of your life. For example, one of the ways I have been trying to simplify my life is by unsubscribing from all junk emails. But the same could be applied to junk mail as well. It’s a waste for me to receive countless marketing ads when I don’t buy anything. It’s also a waste of time to sort through all this mail and delete the emails or recycle the actual mail. I can get up to 200 emails a day and most are junk. This advice isn’t just for people who have too little time in their day. So find that unsubscribe at the bottom of your emails and go to town! Or call the number listed on the magazines or circulars to get your name taken off the list. Ok so let’s simplify this so you don’t have to read as much!
1.Stop junk emails at the source and unsubscribe!
2.Stop junk mail at the source and end subscriptions.
3.Get rid of excess clothing that is not allowing you to see what you really have to wear.
4.Plan out your meals in advance and buy ingredients for that specific meal. Don’t try to throw things together at the last minute.
5.Touch things once. This means, don’t stack things up in piles to be dealt with later. If it’s in your hand, put it where it belongs, not on the kitchen counter. ( I know this is hard, but it will make a difference, trust me).
6.Get rid of apps on your phone you don’t use! Try this: move all your applications but one to the second or third screen on your phone. As you use an app, move it to the first. After a month, delete the apps you haven’t used.
7.Plan and make to do lists in one place. I have seen women who have three calendars and four places where they keep their to do or to get lists. Simplify. I recommend Erin Condren life planners. There is a whole community that can give you ideas and help you stay organized. You can see how I use mine by following me on Instagram @ LiveBreatheInspire. Get $10 off by using my referral code.https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/jesssonmore0225
8.If you have to drive somewhere, try to plan other stops that coincide. I learned this from serving my way through college. If your going someplace anyways, why not make the trip count and get other things done as well. For example, if I am dropping my hubby off at the airport I will oftentimes stop by Costco on the way there or on the way home. It’s about a 20 minute drive there and so I will plan in advance and make the trip once, accomplishing two tasks. Seems simple, but it can save a lot of time.
9.Have less stuff! This one is just as it sounds. I know I keep going over this, but when you have a ton of things in your life, you spend a lot of time organizing, fixing, and taking care of them. Ok, I am done, but seriously, try to get rid of some of it.
10.I am guilty of having several email addresses. I am in the process of simplifying it down to one. My bad, but seriously, keep it simple if you can help it.
11.Keep your digital life simple. Keep your files in one place and make sure everything is properly backed up. I can’t imagine how I would find anything without dropbox and my organization system in it.

These are just a few ways you can keep it simple in your own home. What do you do to simplify? We would love it hear it!

3 Business Books We Love!

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There are 3 Business Books that we have really enjoyed reading and that have helped us greatly in our business ventures.  We tried to pick books that could be incorporated into most businesses out there.  You don’t have to be a business owner or want to be a business owner to get practical tips from these books.  We highly recommend them!  You can also check out the reviews on amazon for each of the items to see what others are saying!

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller – Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

We liked this book because not only does it give you business advice, but it also gives you advice in general about how you can grow rich.  It talks a lot about the power of positive thinking.  It wasn’t until this book that I realized how powerful thoughts are.  It is a great book to help you retrain your brain into thinking more positively, and it gives you some great practices to start incorporating into your business today!

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated)

Now we know most of you are thinking, “There is absolutely NO way this can happen,” and “It isn’t worth my time.”  That is what we thought the first time we read the title too.  What we didn’t realize though is how much quality information this book has to offer!  After reading this book you probably won’t be only working 4 hour weeks, but we guarantee that you will either be able to start working less or be more productive throughout your day.  Tim Ferris not only gives you tips about how to create a business for yourself, but he also shares how we can cut time and energy from doing the things we are so used to doing every single day.  We highly recommend this book (even if you don’t have your own business)!

EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches

Not only do we love this book for the wise business advice that it gives, but we also loved listening to Dave Ramsey read the audio version.  He has such a great southern accent and makes listening to his books fun!  We liked this book for the fact that he goes over how a business owner needs to think and act.  It also gives insight into how to treat employees.  He is such a wise man, and has some great tips for hardships that come up in any business.  He talks about hiring/firing employees, how to treat them, and much more!

We hope you enjoy these books as much as we have!  They each offer something unique to the reader.  That is why we went with these three books because we feel like they each hit on a different topic in business.  They will help expand your thinking and help you to take action into making your dreams come true.  Whatever they may be!

~Rini and Jess

LBI 006- Why We Need Routines!

“LBI 006- Routines”.

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Routines are so important, but it is difficult for us to start to establish them within our hectic lives.  We give you easy ways to start routines right away!

Why are they important?

– They help us stay organized and on track

– They help us streamline the processes in the morning and night in order to save time and energy

– They help us get more done in a day

– They help keep us focused so we aren’t running around the house like a chicken that just got it’s head cut off

How to setup routines for you and your family!

1. Learn what has to be done for you and your family.

– For three of days write down everything you do in the morning and evening.

– Make a list of things you did in common on all three of those days.

2. Make a list of things you would like to add into your morning and evening routines!

– Some things on Jess’s list is pray, read, write in gratitude journal, yoga, bath time, vitamins.

– Other examples can be: spot check the whole house, check appointments for the next day, start a to do list, devotional, exercise.

3. Pick one thing from the list you made that you want to start doing right away.

4. Take the stuff you already do, and put it in an order that makes sense.

5. Try that for a week, then add in a new one.  Every week you will add in a new step, and by the end of the month it should start being a routine.

– Make sure you time it that way you know how long it takes to get through it.  This way you know when to wake up and start getting stuff done or when to start your routines before bed.


We hope this has helped you as much as it helps us! Let us know what routines you putting in place to stay organized!

~Rini and Jess

How are you doing? #changelivestoday challenge!

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I wanted to check in to see how we were doing with the summer challenge!  I know it has made a difference my life greatly!  To see the impact it is creating is a wonderful feeling!

For those of you who are new to this summer challenge here is a recap:

It is so easy to stay in our bubble and not worry about other people’s situations, and it is sometimes easy to look down on them. I think we need to change our perspective a little bit by encouraging one another. What better day to start this challenge than on a Monday!

The challenge is every Monday to encourage someone who you think needs it. It can be a co-worker, friend, family member, kid, or even a stranger you meet in the street. Our world is hurting, and we need to take the time to make it a better place.

It will also help us to look outside of ourselves and focus on other peoples’ needs. I love the idea of “Monday Motivation” which is what inspired me to start this challenge. The encouragement could be a note, thoughtful words, a present, a listening ear, or even just a hug. If you become in tune with people, then you will start to think of ways that could brighten their day. If for some reason you cannot think of any way to encourage them on your own, then there is a world wide web that has ideas on almost everything!

We want you to share YOUR stories!  What has been happening in your life?

If you are new to this, then what are you planning to do for people the rest of the summer?  What a great way to #giveback!

~Rini and Jess


LBI 005- Heart of the Home

Live Breathe Inspire

What is your role in your home?

This has been on my heart for awhile.  I feel like women are supposed to be the heart of the home. God has designed us for an unique purpose.  It isn’t that we can’t lead or shouldn’t make decisions, but we really should model peace, love, and kindness in our home.

Have you ever seen wife swap? “If momma isn’t happy, no one is happy!”  This makes me think about what tone we are setting for our homes? Are you being perpetually busy or are you always stressed?

We should have realized the tone we are setting in our homes.

For us, when we are constantly working to try to catch up with the ever growing workload, we don’t take time for the things in life that matter most.  If we always chose to try to get everything done, then we are setting a bad tone for our marriage and family life.

We need to remember that the house doesn’t have to be perfect, the laundry will be there tomorrow (unless you don’t have clean underwear and in that case, please, do the laundry), and your tv show can be watched on netflix five months from now.

We feel like women, myself ourselves, have forgotten the most important thing in life, LOVE!  It’s the people that matter! You can literally take NOTHING to the grave with you, but you can live on through the impact you made on others in your life.  That starts at home, but it’s also the hardest to do at home.

We know that most people treat their closest family and friends the worst.  Why is that?  That we give our best to the people we will never see again, but we cannot be kind and gentle with our own family? Please don’t stop reading because I have really great news!

live breathe inspire

Even if you have been the abominable snowman in your household you can change.

You can be the wife, mother, daughter, and friend you were intended to be.   I would never bring you down and then not show you the way back up!  I know it’s hard, but there are ways you can change and make your household the safe, loving, and joyful place it’s supposed to be.

1.  Search for the areas you need to work on.

-This could be anger, sadness, lack of energy, hostility, judgement, laziness, disorganization, business, harshness, too high expectations, etc.

-Ask your family what they would like to see you change and you can’t get mad!

-If you can ask your parents or a trusted friend.  I am lucky enough to have both who are not afraid to tell me what’s what!

2. Make a physical list of the traits or qualities that are negatively impacting others in your home.

-Since your home isn’t perfect I am going to assume there will be other’s who may test your resolve and patience, but remember, it’s your home.  No matter what hubby or the kids do, it’s you who will make the biggest impact in the long run, if you can make it!

3.  List out things you can do on a daily basis to combat those traits and write them out next to each one.

-For business I wrote that I will never turn down time with others to do things that don’t have to be done that day.

I also wrote that I will take time for myself to workout or do other things I need to do in order to take care of myself.

-Next to unloving, I wrote that I need to find the love languages of the people in my life by the end of the week, so if you don’t get a call or text,  please send me your list, I would love to know! (If your not sure what love languages are, please look up the book and read it! It’s pretty dead on.  Basically it says that everyone has different ways of giving and receiving love.  Most people don’t receive love the same way. For example, please don’t buy me gifts, they do nothing for me, but sit and talk to me for an hour and I will feel so loved! But my friend Kate on the other hand loves gifts and they make her feel special and loved.  So for each person it’s unique, but knowing that information about others can help you to be a better friend, mother, lover, daughter, and whatever else you happen to be.)

In addition to finding out their love languages I wrote that I need to do something with that knowledge.  I need to say the things I feel, or send the gifts that I think of when I am shopping, or just spend the time I would like to with the people I love.

-I could keep going, but trust me,  you don’t want me to!

4.  Put the list where you can see it everyday, and don’t be afraid to tell your family what you’re working on in order to get accountability and support.

It might encourage them to do the same.  One of the greatest qualities my parent’s instilled in Rini and I was a drive to be better.  We constantly saw them working on improving themselves while we were growing up and we definitely never forgot.

Please feel free to comment or contact us with any ideas or questions.  We would love to hear from you all!

In addition, the woman is the heart of the home spiritually.

If you want to change your home for good in the best and purest way possible start praying for yourself and your family.  The loving, kind, peaceful woman you want to be can be found through God’s love and searching for Him is the quickest way to change your home.

Thanks for listening!

Rini and Jess~