Why We Drink Green Tea and Some Other Amazing Ways to Use It!

Growing up I never thought once about drinking tea.  It was just something I didn’t do, and I had no desire to start.   Now, as an adult, I have realized all the wonderful benefits there are to drinking tea.  Here are some of the benefits of drinking green tea and some of the creative ways you might not know about to use it!  Jess and I have grown to love green tea, and we hope you will grow to love it as well!

Green tea

If you watch Dr. Oz or any other health shows, then you having probably heard that there are so many benefits to drinking tea and here is why:

– It helps protect you against cancer.  The antioxidant in green tea is so effective at protecting your cells from damage.

– It helps protect you against heart disease and stroke.

– The antioxidant (polyphenol) in green tea not only helps fight aging, but it also aids in weight loss by speeding up your metabolism.  This helps increase the amount of weight you will lose in a year.

– Green tea helps lessen stress.  When you take the time to slow down and drink some green tea, it provides a calming effect.

– It helps people with diabetes to stabilize their blood sugar.

green tea

Some other great uses for green tea are:

– Adding three teabags to your bath.  It is great for your skin!

– Brew it, freeze it in ice cube trays, and add it to any smoothie or other drinks.

– Steep green tea into your favorite bowl of oatmeal and add some extra antioxidants to your meal!

– Use it in a salt rub for cellulite!

– Soak a washcloth and place it on your face.  Green tea has been known to help tighten and firm the skin.

With all these healthy benefits to green tea and great uses you can’t go wrong in trying some out!  There are a lot of different flavors, so you can choose the one that best fits you.  I personally like to use blueberry green tea because I am a big fan of blueberries.  You can experiment and find the flavor and brand you like best.


What are your favorite brands or flavors of green tea?